Convert, combine, and send PDFs online

Whether you want to turn a Word doc into a PDF file that’s simple to share or you want to export content in a PDF to Excel for editing – you can do that and more with the easy-to-use online services included in Adobe PDF Pack. See a complete list of file formats that can be converted or exported in PDF Pack.

Convert Word to PDF

Just upload a Microsoft Word document using your web browser and convert it to PDF in just a few moments. Or, click on the Tools pane in Adobe Reader* to create a PDF and view it right away. We’ll convert files up to 100MB in size.

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Combine and merge files to PDF

Upload two or more files. Get a single PDF file with the documents in the order you want to show them. Our online PDF converter supports a wide range of document and image formats.

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Export PDF to Office formats

Turn PDF documents into editable Microsoft Word (DOCX) or Excel (XLSX) files, or convert PDF slides to PowerPoint (PPTX). Scanned text becomes editable with optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

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Send and track large files.

Send and track large files

Email a link to share documents, presentations, audio, and video files. Receive an email notification when files have been viewed, and track when files are downloaded.

Print to PDF

Print files to PDF using virtually any Windows desktop application. Our desktop printer uses your local resources to capture fonts and page layout with maximum precision.

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Convert Excel to PDF

Easily convert a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into a PDF file from your browser or Adobe Reader software. Your PDF is saved automatically in your protected account online.

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Convert JPEG to PDF

Convert scanned documents or image formats – such as JPEG files – into PDF files. Convert one file at a time, or combine multiple files into one single PDF.

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Convert PPT to PDF

Easily convert Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to PDF from your browser or Adobe Reader software. Our online converter takes PPT and PPTX slides and creates a PDF that’s stored in your online account for easy access and sharing.

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Pricing plans

  • Annual

    Sign up today to get unlimited online PDF conversions every month.
    US$750 /month †
  • Monthly

    Sign up today to get unlimited online PDF conversions every month.
    US$999 /month

† Billed annually at $89.99/year.

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