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Convert PDF slides to PowerPoint (PPTX) presentations online

The PDF Pack online service lets you turn existing PDF files into PPTX files that you can easily edit and update in your Microsoft PowerPoint application.


Why choose Adobe PDF Pack?

  • Upload a PDF file using your web browser and get a PowerPoint (PPTX) file in just a few moments
  • Make scanned text editable using optical character recognition (OCR) technology
  • Minimize editing time with high quality conversion of bulleted text, tables, objects, and master layouts
  • Automatically store your PDF files online

Get more...

  • Create PDF files when you’re on the go—just upload files using a web browser
  • Create PDF files from free Adobe Reader software*—work with PDF Pack by selecting Create PDF Files from the Tools pane

How to convert PDF slides to PowerPoint files

  1. Sign in to your PDF Pack account online
  2. Click on Export from PDF
  3. Select a file
  4. Choose an export file format (.pptx)
  5. Check Recognize scanned text if you wish to turn scanned text into editable text
  6. Select a language
  7. Enter a name for your new file
  8. Click Convert
  9. When the conversion is complete, click Download

Supported file formats

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Pricing plans

  • Annual

    Sign up today to get unlimited online PDF conversions every month.
    US$750 /month †
  • Monthly

    Sign up today to get unlimited online PDF conversions every month.
    US$999 /month

† Billed annually at $89.99/year.

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