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PowerPoint to PDF Converter

Convert PowerPoint PPT or PPTX files to PDF to share slides reliably

The PDF Pack online service lets you use your web browser to turn Microsoft PowerPoint slides into PDF files that will show people your slides just the way you designed them.

Convert Word docs to PDF files easily by accessing the Adobe CreatePDF online PDF converter from the Adobe Reader Tools pane.

Why choose Adobe PDF Pack?

  • Upload a PowerPoint PPT or PPTX file using your web browser and get a PDF file in just a few moments.
  • Reliably convert fonts and layouts so slides can be viewed reliably on a computer, tablet, or smartphone with Adobe Reader software.
  • Automatically store your PDF files online

Get more...

  • Convert a wide range of office and image formats to PDF
  • Quickly merge multiple documents into one PDF file
  • Convert existing PDF files to editable Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel formats

How to convert PowerPoint slides to PDF files

Work in a web browser

  1. Sign in to your PDF Pack account online
  2. Click on Convert a File to PDF
  3. Select a PowerPoint document, and then click Open
  4. When the conversion is complete, click Download

Supported file formats

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Pricing plans

  • Annual

    Sign up today to get unlimited online PDF conversions every month.
    US$750 /month †
  • Monthly

    Sign up today to get unlimited online PDF conversions every month.
    US$999 /month

† Billed annually at $89.99/year.

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