Create surveys for fun

Create fun forms and surveys to enjoy with friends, family, and coworkers.

Event planning
  • Wedding: Create a beautiful form with your wedding colors and perhaps a photo of the happy couple. Embed the form on your wedding website or email a link or PDF of your form so guests can quickly RSVP and choose their meal selection. It's so easy, even your great aunt Ethel can fill it out!
  • Party: Create the perfect party menu by rounding up your guests' food preferences or allergies in advance. Plus, use your survey as a way for friends to RSVP so you know how much goulash to make and serve.
  • Potluck: Potlucks are great because everyone gets to contribute. Create a signup form that allows guests to volunteer for which type of dish they're going to bring. You can even direct guests to see the response table before they fill out the form to prevent an overload of potatoes or pickles.

Connect with family and friends

Use forms and surveys to inspire a little friendly competition amongst family and friends. Make the competitions as elaborate or as simple as you like, but remember to share the results with the whole gang—and consider offering fun prizes to up the ante.

  • Awards season: If your only conversations from January through March are about who is going to win the big award this year, why not see who has the best predictions? Create a fun survey for each of the major awards, or combine several major events into one mega-award survey.
  • Sport brackets: You've heard of March Madness, but what about Wimbledon Wonders, or FIFA Follies? Create fun and crazy categories like who will have the most dramatic display of emotion, or who will win MVP.
  • Biggest loser: Got a bunch of friends trying to lose weight? Adobe FormsCentral can help everyone stay on track. Use forms to log miles walked, calories eaten, or pounds and inches lost. At the end, have a big party to celebrate the successes, but keep the desserts to a minimum.

Office antics

Everyone likes a little levity in the office. Involve your employees with a variety of fun and functional forms to brighten their week!

  • Office pools: Is there a baby on the way? Send out a form and let people vote on the date of birth, weight and length, and even hair color. (Is bald a color?)
  • Carpool: Want to help your employees save a little money on gas? Use Adobe FormsCentral to organize carpools based on where in the city your employees live. They'll appreciate your concern for their gas expenditure.
  • Bike challenge: For those offices that love the outdoors, create a form that allows employees to track miles ridden on a weekly basis. You could even create a scavenger hunt to see what people can find as they cycle their way into work.

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