Create a form

Build forms fast
  • Choose from over 100 professional templates
  • Drag and drop fields to create forms from scratch
  • Arrange multiple fields on one line to save space
  • Add your logo, company colors, and special messages
Choose PDF or web forms
  • Create a PDF form that anyone can fill out using Adobe Reader
  • Create an HTML form that anyone can fill out in a web browser
  • Let respondents download PDF forms to print and fill out offline
  • Import existing PDF forms to update and re-use
Make it easy to fill out
  • Include required fields to make sure you get the data you need
  • Add help text to increase form completion rate
  • Add skip logic so people see only the questions that apply to them
Add payment options
  • Accept payments, donations, and orders
  • Add fields that integrate with PayPal
Preview and test
  • See your form exactly the way your respondents will
  • Take it for a test run before distributing
Make it a team effort
  • Design and build forms collaboratively
  • Control who can view and edit work in progress
  • Share form templates to save time and ensure consistency

Distribute and collect responses

Distribute forms instantly
  • Email a PDF form or survey in a few quick clicks
  • Share the form link via email or social media
  • Publish a web form on your website, blog, or wiki
Collect responses quickly
  • Let respondents complete PDF forms offline and submit online later
  • Publish an HTML form that anyone can fill out in a web browser
Direct respondents’ experience
  • Add custom messages to thank respondents or advise them of next steps
  • Send respondents to the website of your choice upon form completion
Share the results
  • Embed a response table on your site to share real-time results

Analyze results

View results in real time
  • Receive automatic updates every time a respondent clicks Submit
  • Search, sort, and filter responses within a table format
  • Customize your view without affecting others’ views
Analyze responses
  • Use built-in formulas
  • Walk through individual responses using a record view
  • Export table data to a spreadsheet or database for further analysis
Summarize results
  • Automatically generate summary reports
  • Add captions and summary statistics to customize your report
  • Save your summary report as a PDF or cut-and-paste individual charts to re-use in presentations
Track your work
  • Act faster on data by adding columns and formulas to response tables
  • Highlight rows, columns, and cells to make specific responses stand out
  • Post a link to your response table on your website or wiki
Share data and collaborate
  • Keep everyone on the same page with simultaneous access to results
  • Assign roles to control levels of access
  • Let multiple team members view, contribute, and analyze concurrently
  • Save and share single responses as PDF files