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How it works

Convert PDF files to the Excel (XLSX) document format with the Adobe ExportPDF converter online

Convert PDF to Excel online

Just upload a file using your web browser, or via Adobe Reader on your computer or mobile device. We’ll convert it to an editable Microsoft Excel file that you can save in XLSX format. It’s that easy.

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Make scanned text in PDF files editable. Adobe ExportPDF automatically applies optical character recognition to scanned text before converting to an Excel file.

Make scanned text editable

Does your PDF file have scanned text inside? No problem. With optical character recognition (OCR) technology, scanned text become editable. You can even pick a language to improve conversion accuracy.

Adobe ExportPDF preserves as much of the layout as possible when using the online PDF to Excel converter, including text, numbers, rows, and columns.

Get great results

When it comes to converting a spreadsheet or table, you need more than just text and numbers—You need row and columns too. That’s why Adobe ExportPDF preserves table formatting so your data is easy to work with.


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