Customer stories

“Adobe has long been a trusted provider of proven, popular software. With Adobe FormsCentral we've expanded our relationship with Adobe and now have exactly the right solution to tackle a variety of administrative challenges.”

Christopher Atwood

Director of Academic Technology, Pomfret School

Pomfret School

Top boarding school’s administration uses Adobe FormsCentral as a rich, collaborative, and environmentally responsible course registration and assessment tool

Nearly nine years ago, academic leaders and the Digital Arts department at Pomfret School saw the future of integrating technology into the classroom, preparing students for success with multi‐disciplinary, industry‐standard software — including Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium — and integrating a robust technology requirement into the curriculum. Today, finding better ways to incorporate technology into learning environments remains a priority for Pomfret, a school known for rich traditions and continued innovation.

More recently, administration and faculty saw added opportunities to take new technology beyond classrooms and into the school’s daily operations. In particular, Pomfret administrators looked at how they could automate many document processes that traditionally relied on paper.

With a history of success using Adobe software in classrooms, school administrators turned to Adobe to help automate several routine processes. "Adobe has long been a trusted provider of proven, popular software," says Christopher Atwood, director of academic technology at Pomfret School. "With Adobe FormsCentral we’ve expanded our relationship with Adobe and now have exactly the right solution to tackle a variety of administrative challenges."

Administratively sound

For example, FormsCentral provides Pomfret School a flexible platform to create and deliver registration and testing forms to students at the beginning of each school year. The easy‐to complete electronic forms, customized with school colors and logo, can be provided to students at each grade level — making course registration easy and convenient. By tailoring drop‐down menus and other form fields with grade‐level specific content, the registrar’s office helps to ensure that students sign up only for courses for which they are eligible.

At the same time, skills‐assessment forms for math and other subjects are made available online to incoming students, enabling Pomfret to place students in classes best‐suited to their skill levels. The forms contain detailed questions that students can answer directly in the forms. Once returned, form content is shared with teachers for grading and final assessment. With FormsCentral, Pomfret has dramatically reduced errors on registration forms thanks to customizable drop‐down menus that help control the information students can enter. The Adobe solution also streamlines sharing student assessments with teachers, who no longer have to wait for paper‐based tests to arrive by mail or come back to campus to pick up assessments. "FormsCentral helped create electronic processes that save us significant time, reduce our environmental footprint, and generate substantial savings when we look at paper, postage, design, and other administrative costs," says Jessica Hoppin, registrar at the Pomfret School.