Design and customize forms and surveys

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Tailor the look and feel of your forms for better results.


The content of your survey or form is crucial, but how it looks is the first thing your audience will notice. The tips below will help you design and customize your form for a better response rate and results.

Get started

Choose a template

You don't have to be a graphic designer—or even know much about design—to create an appealing survey or form. Adobe FormsCentral makes it easy to produce forms that will catch your audience's eye.

Want to save time? Just select a unique, ready-to-use template design and add your text. You can add or delete fields and rearrange provided graphics depending on your needs. Or if you're feeling creative, design your own form or survey from scratch by using the drag-and-drop editor. You can decide the placement of elements such as text fields and drop down menus, as well as colors and fonts.

Get step-by-step help designing forms on Adobe FormsCentral.

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See the help guides for additional step-by-step help in customizing your form.

Customize your template

Customizing your form or survey is not only good marketing, it helps your audience quickly identify the source of the form, and that often means more responses. Adobe FormsCentral lets you customize in a variety of ways:

  • Add your company logo or an image to the header
  • Create a personalized title
  • Include your company name in the email that accompanies your survey or form
  • Add graphics to the body of the form to enhance copy
  • Insert hyperlinks within your form or survey

To create a new field for images or hyperlinks, click the addition symbol in an existing field and choose the type of field you'd like to add.

To customize any existing content of your survey or form template, simply click on the field to open its Field Properties box.

Import or Export your template designs

By exporting your template design as FormsCentral Design Template (FCDT), you can archive it on the FormsCentral site or share it with other site users. Those users can then create a new form using yours as a starting point, and can import it back to the FormsCentral site. This function applies to the design of a form only.

To export a template, simply go to the Design tab and select Export Design File from the File menu. To import a design file, go to the My Forms dashboard and select Import Design File from File menu.

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See the help guides for additional step-by-step help in customizing your form.

Consider color

Adobe FormsCentral templates come in array of color palettes to match your needs. Or, you can choose your own colors—consider matching colors to your company logo or image.

Color has the ability to influence mood. For example, warm colors, like red and yellow, are energetic, while cool colors, like blue, are calmer.

Here's a look at what certain colors can say about your business:

  • Blue: Blue sends a message of stability and inspires trust.
  • Red: This color is energetic, provocative, and attention grabbing.
  • Green: In general, green connotes health, freshness, and serenity.
  • Yellow: This color encourages optimism, positivity, light, and warmth.
  • Purple: Considered a creative color, as well as one of spirituality and royalty.
  • Pink: Hot pinks convey energy and youthfulness, while light pinks are more romantic.
  • Orange: This color is viewed as gregarious and often childlike.
  • Brown: The earthiness of brown conveys simplicity, durability, and stability.
  • Black: The use of black is serious, bold, powerful, and classic.
  • White: White connotes simplicity, cleanliness, and purity.

Focus on font

Using a font that is easy to read should be your first priority, but that doesn't mean you can't choose one that fits the image of your company.

Adobe FormsCentral lets you adjust font style, color, and alignment. Just remember, a consistent font size and style throughout your survey or form ensures a more professional look.

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See the help guides for additional step-by-step help in customizing your form.