Review and share responses in real time

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See all the ways you can customize and share your form’s results.


When the responses to your forms or surveys start rolling in, Adobe FormsCentral makes it easy to view, customize, and share the results.

Receive responses in real time

Adobe FormsCentral automatically updates your account as new responses arrive. This makes it a snap to organize and analyze results.

  • Real-time updates: Skip sorting data and start acting on your results! New responses are instantly added to tables and reports, meaning you'll always have the most up-to-date information.
  • See responses to all forms at a glance: Under the My Forms tab, you can compare the total number of responses, highlighting those that are new since you last logged in.
  • Get updates, from virtually anywhere: When you upgrade to Adobe FormsCentral Basic or Plus, you have the option to receive an email message, on any device with email access, every time a user submits a form.

See more benefits of upgrading to Adobe FormsCentral Basic or Plus.

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Tips for sharing and exporting responses:

Hide private information, like full names, phone numbers, or addresses. Adobe FormsCentral makes it easy to hide this data before you share.

Use instant charts and graphs of results

Paper forms can be difficult to manage, especially when it comes to organizing responses. Adobe FormsCentral makes it easy to review and share results with the Summary Report tab. You'll see all responses to each question in graph form, making your collected data simple to understand.

With Summary Reports, you can:

  • Get the big picture: Review the Summary Report in its entirety or view and export individual report tiles for a single question.
  • Customize charts and graphs: Make results clearer with custom captions, headers, and formatting.
  • Present key data: Show data as a percentage, the actual numbers, the total responses, or as an average. You can even hide charts that aren't relevant or filter responses to show only the top five or ten.
  • Share charts and graphs: Whether all the responses are in or you're still waiting for more, share results with collaborators, respondents, or the public. Distribute a link to the Summary Report or embed its code onto your website. With an Adobe FormsCentral Basic or Plus account, you can also re-direct users to the results after completing your form.
  • Export for presentations: Need to create a last-minute handout or presentation for a marketing meeting? Export the entire Summary Report as a single PDF or save individual charts as separate images. You can embed these onto a website, send in an email, add to a Word or PowerPoint document, and of course—you can always print.

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Tips for sharing and exporting responses:

Control re-sharing options. This lets others view responses but keeps them from inviting additional people. To begin, go to the Share menu and click “Change options.”

Stay organized with response tables

The View Responses tab shows all current submissions in an up-to-date spreadsheet. Much like an Excel document, you have a variety of options to make your data easier to use and understand.

With this spreadsheet, you can:

  • Focus on important information: Easy-to-use drop down menus let you sort data, hide columns, or apply filters to only show certain rows. To make it easy to read, format your data by customizing fonts, colors, and more! You can also use built-in summary formulas, like finding the sum or average, which work in virtually the same way as they do in Excel.
  • Easily update information: Quickly add a row or column to the spreadsheet if there are additional details you like to add, such as a notes field. You can also delete responses. Note that this won't affect the form your users are still filling out.
  • Share responses: As with the Summary Report, you can share information in a variety of ways. Add collaborators who will have editing access, share a link to the results, or embed its code into a web page.
  • Export table in a variety of forms: Want to save your response table onto your server? You can save it easily as a PDF, CSV file, or into Excel for easy printing and sharing. And, if you choose to export into Excel, Adobe will automatically export all formulas you've created!

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Tips for sharing and exporting responses:

Customize your view without affecting collaborator’s views by choosing “Private View.”