Featured video: PayPal Payment Integration Overview

Online forms gather information quickly and easily. But, what if forms could collect online payments as easily as they collect opinions?

With the Adobe FormsCentral payment integration option, we’ve turned "what if " into, "why not?” You can link your premiere or business Paypal account easily using your Adobe FormsCentral login and password. With a few clicks, your form can accept both credit card and PayPal payments– no coding required.

Creating forms to accept payments is easy and flexible, too. Accept one-time payments for things like seminars or special events. Or– list multiple items, quantities, and purchase amounts using drop down menus that display the fields from your form. And by linking fields, customers only have to enter details once– streamlining the order process. When the orders start flowing in, all of the data is available in real time.

It's time to cash-in using forms with Adobe FormsCentral.

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