Featured video: PayPal Payment Integration Setup

Collecting payments on the web is easier than you think with Adobe FormsCentral, and Payment Processing from PayPal. All you'll need is a verified Premier or Business account with PayPal.

 Begin by designing or customizing a FormsCentral template, to collect payments. Now it’s time to setup payment processing, to work with your form. You'll find it in the options tab. Click on Enable PayPal Payments.

You can use the Sign-up Now button to create a new PayPal account– or, simply register with your existing PayPal account. You’ll need a verified business or premiere account to enable payments. Follow the prompts on the PayPal site to set up and verify your account.

When you return to Adobe FormsCentral, you’ll instantly be able to use your PayPal login to enable payments within your forms. You’re not completely registered until you have granted FormsCentral access to your PayPal account. Luckily, we make that easy too. With just a few clicks, you’ll be off and running.

The little checkmark means you’re ready to cash in with payment processing from Adobe FormsCentral. KaaaaaaChing!

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