Featured video: Payment Purchase Fields

In this video, we'll show you how to configure a form-wide charge, and individual items that can be purchased. It'll take no time at all.

Let's start with a conference registration example. While designing your form, you can add detailed prices and descriptions with handy design tools. Later, we’ll assign values within the payment processing options tab.

Whether you're selling a little or a lot, you'll love the easy-to-assign options available within Payment Processing. As you go, you'll only need to edit 4 simple columns of information: 1) The Purchase Field Column, 2) The Quantity Field Column, 3) The Price Column, and 4) the Description for each of your products or services.

Adobe FormsCentral makes it simple to assign a single price to an entire form. It's called a form-wide charge, and it's a charge that’s applied just by submitting the form. Like a one-time fee for an event or, a single donation amount. Just click on Assign Field and conveniently, each of your form fields, selections, and choices automatically begin to appear.

You can then customize the Quantity, Price and Description for each. The software knows what you've designed into the form, and cleverly displays your form fields in the drop down menus.

 You may want your respondent to have the ability to enter a custom price– such as a donation amount– and we’ve thought of that too! When designing your form, you’ll tick the box called: Include Other Choice. Back over in Purchase Fields, you’ll be able to allow user input from the Price column using "this" drop down menu.

When you've finished entering Purchase Field values, your forms will start collecting revenue, and impressing your customers. With Adobe Forms Central, it’s all easier than you ever thought possible.

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