Featured video: Ratings Scale Feature

The Ratings Scale feature can give you a quick insight into how users feel about various elements of your product or services.

To add a rating scale your form click on the design tab and insert a new item where you want your rating scale to appear. Let's start by adding a label to our rating scale. Choose the type of scale you want using the preset drop-down menu. The scale names are completely customizable. You can also ask your scale. Let's add a not applicable column so users aren't forced to select an option that doesn't apply to them. Now we'll fill out each row with the information we like people to rate. FormCentral gives you a variety of ways to customize the look of your rating scale too. You can change the alternating row and border color to match your forms color theme.

When you're done creating a rating scale test it to make sure it works just the way you wanted to and there it is. You're rating scale is is now ready to be filled out by your users. The data collected from your rating scale is easy to review and work with. You can sort and filter the data to see specific responses. You can also see your responses summarized in easy-to-read charts.

The rating scale is a great tool for gathering feedback about your products or services and it's just one of the many simple but powerful features available in Adobe FormsCentral.

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