Featured video: Summary Report

Normally you view and interact with your data using the view responses tab. But sometimes you want to view your data in a more visual way. The summary report feature lets you do just that.

Each question you make has an associated chart that summarizes all of the feedback for a particular question. The charts appear in an easy-to-read layout that updates in real time. You can customize the report depending on what you want to include and how to use information. Turn the captions on or off. See data as a percentage, actual count, or both and you can add a footer that includes the number of respondents who answered the question. Change the chart type style that meets your needs.

Want to change the title of chart? Just click on it and type in a new name. You can also change the formatting, layout, and coloring of the text area. Simplify your report by removing unnecessary titles. You can easily bring a tile by going to insert, individual report tiles, and select the tile of the report you'd like to bring back to the summary report.

Once you've finished customizing your summary report, Adobe FormsCentral makes it easy to share the results. Click the views icon and you can print the summary report, export it to PDF or export the charts as images to use and reports, slideshows, or other documents. The form file, including the summary report tab, can be shared with your team. So everyone can see the responses coming in and the summary report being updated in real-time.

With Adobe FormsCentral it's never been easier to create professional looking forms, view the results graphically right away, and share them with the rest of your team.

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