Featured video: Testing Forms & Surveys

Want to make sure your Adobe FormsCentral forms always look-and-act just the way you intended? Then, head on over to the test tab anytime you create a new form.

It’s the perfect place to kick the tires, and take your new form for a spin. It’s always a good idea to give complex forms a little extra scrutiny. So, if you’ve added skip-logic, you might want to take the form for a few extra test spins– and vary your responses each time.

Payment processing is another complex function that’s worth giving a whirl. Within the test tab, you’ll experience the same checkout process as live respondents, except you won’t really be charged.

After you’ve submitted a few test forms, you can click the View Responses and Summary Reports tabs, to see what your results look like as data. And, might as well check your spreadsheet to make sure you’ll be able to measure and report your results the way you want. Take your time. Adobe FormsCentral makes it easy to test, customize, and repeat until you’re ready to distribute your form and start collecting data.

With testing tools from Adobe FormsCentral, you always know when you’re good-to-go.

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