Featured video: Collect & View Results

Adobe FormsCentral is a simple way for anyone to create web forms and surveys to gather data.

After you create your form, set your options, and distribute the form, you’re ready to collect responses. The View Responses tab makes it easy to monitor, collaborate on, and analyze all the information you collect—in real time. Add rows if you need to input data manually. For a running status, add a summary row and use built-in summary formulas. Customize your view to focus on your most important data. Or view single records.

Need to give others access? Add collaborators with just a few clicks. Then add custom columns to help your team stay organized. You can export data to Excel for deeper analysis … But you don’t have to, because FormsCentral has rich analysis built right in. When you’re ready, publishing your results is a snap. Just share a link anywhere.

Viewing, analyzing, and sharing data couldn’t be easier. So what are you waiting for?

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