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Side-by-side fields

  • Save space and keep your forms looking concise.
  • Improve ease of data entry.
  • Reduce vertical scrolling.

Save and share form templates

  • Share form designs as templates with team members.
  • Create corporate branded form templates to share with employees.
  • Archive form designs for later use.

Import existing fillable PDF forms

  • Now there is no need to recreate existing PDF forms.
  • Use the ‘Import PDF form’ button to import your form and prepare it for distribution.
  • Benefit from FormCentral’s data collection and analysis capabilities.

Send forms as a PDF

  • Create and share forms as a fillable PDF.
  • Let respondents complete the PDF form offline and submit it online.
  • Allow respondents to download a PDF and print it out.


  • Add file attachment fields to forms.
  • Collect files directly from respondents.
  • Collect all data in one central place.